Facebook censorship Antonello Zappadu, one of the authors of “The Black Book of Facebook”




It was censored, albeit temporarily, the historical Facebook profile of the reporter Antonello Zappadu. Yesteraday, with a brief message, but the clear intimidating intent, the journalist that trying to censore the most powerful company in the world it has been “suspended” from his historical profile (activated 9 years ago), without the possibility to interfere and to ask to someone, at this stage of ” stand by” .

censura facebook



Probably the Silicon Valley FB headquarter did not appreciate the forthcoming of the ‘e-Book label it the Black Book of Facebook, where together with the complaint of several hundred snapshots and movies, according to the complaint files, shooting scenes brutality and obscenity of all types present in the landscape of proposals on FB pages of all the world, are also asked to protect children (minors) from potential similar visions.

It is quite obvious that the management of the world’s most powerful social network did not like that by his own company, departed this “Epic Challenge” which is synthesized, in fact, in the application of prohibition for persons under 18 years the membership and vision of the most important social network in the world.
At the COMPLAINT it would last for only 7 hours.

But it is quite evident that in this time, those responsible will have to make a decision on what to do and it can also be, spoiled men Zuckemberg at this time is quite high.

Concernig our “battle”, certainly challenging and complicated will continue until the achievement of our goal.


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