UNBELIEVABLE: AppleStore Censors the Censors.

UNBELIEVABLE: AppleStore Censors the Censors.





The Biggest Media Library refuses the publication of “The Black Book of Facebook.”


In other words: Dog Does Not Eat Dog

The reasons of this decision are motived by the presence in the book of pictures and documents too bloody and violent, although obscured and pixelated from the authors of the book, whose official presentation is scheduled for October 28.

The paradox is that the book of Zappadu’s brothers contains frames and videos posted for many years on Facebook and viewed by millions of users, and will be the greatest indictment that has ever been published, with the aims to show and prove harmfulness and inadmissibility of these images, at least for the millions of users minors, for which the social n don’t establishes any censorship and regulation.


The 360 pages of this extraordinary “J’Accuse” to the largest and most important social network in the world may not be publisched, while Facebook continues unabated to propose to users of all ages and from all latitudes, the worst perversion and of human turpitude, even without any graphic expedient to make ess horrendous these pictures from the “Hell”.

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