Facebook prohibited to minors


La niña filmada fue debidamente censurados por nosotros para proteger la menor.
Facebook es todo ”extremadamente” en visible




Forty-eight days before to the official publication of the Black Book of Facebook, we publish another preview, appropriately “blurred” and pixelated, of what happen every day in the community of the most popular social networl in the world. She is a young girl, approximately between 12 and 16 years. Surely the video was filmed in a Brazilian brothel. The young girl is undresses and someone films her nacked.
It gets posted on Facebook on 2 February 2015 and obtained 1.392.945 views, 46.473 shares and 21.690 likes. In this case a minor is the direct protagonist of the turpidume and the most vulgar human perversion. But we will show that it is not an isolated case: in our “Black book”, while operating a natural and casual selection of remarkable material collected, was impossible to reduce everything to less than 360 pages. So to make sure that this never happens IT IS NECESSARY TO PROHIBIT IMMEDIATELY FACEBOOK TO MINORS.


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