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Meticulous and careful research, lasting two years, including profiles of over 1,500 million users (obviously not an exhaustive search) led us to the gallery of horrors that populate the pages of the most populated and popular Social network which we have selected for this dossier.

The book we will publish is only a limited and partial summary, of the daily junk and trash that infects the Facebook pages in all continents. We’ve selected the most emblematic photos and videos, to report the risks, especially for the younger generation, of a network sieve that, far from the proclaimed yet never respected duty of supervision; that, on one hand allows boys and girls around the world to come into direct contact with the filth and aberrations that we present to the public opinion, and on the other, with this “exhibition” of Photo & Video Gallery of horror, we proclaim how Facebook does not have any censure or credible control on everything, of every hour, of every day that is posted on the net.

In order to verify with certainty your age and not run the risk of having to make a minor this content, contrary to our own claims against Facebook, we rely to an online electronic payment, Paypal, which allows the opening an account only to adults. Using Paypal just to verify your age and with the symbolic purchase of $ 1.00 we can guarantee to deliver your copy in absolute tranquility.

Our book is, most of all, a public complaint of the degeneration, to such a boundless audience, of a misguided sense of freedom of dissemination and communication network in search of the highest “sharing” possible. To each of you, once you’ve read our research, to judge on what we have precisely defined as the dark side of Facebook, and the natural and ethical limits, we believe appropriate, can not be surpassed by anyone, let alone by whom, is the largest and most popular among the many Social networks, and for this reason has more responsibility and mandatory social duties.
What we care about instead, is that those who are responsible, immediately impose a categorical prohibition to minors (under the age of 18) of all latitudes to be able sign up to any Social network of this type.

In addition to children, it is recommended that the vision also adults. Just content that minors are and should be absolutely prohibited in the vision, the mind of an adult might be impressed and shocked.

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La niña filmada fue debidamente censurados por nosotros para proteger la menor.
Facebook es todo ”extremadamente” en visible

We publish a picture, appropriately “blurred” and pixelated, of what happen every day in the community of the most popular social networl in the world. She is a young girl, approximately between 12 and 16 years. Surely the video was filmed in a Brazilian brothel. The young girl is undresses and someone films her nacked.
It gets posted on Facebook on 2 February 2015 and obtained 1.392.945 views, 46.473 shares and 21.690 likes. In this case a minor is the direct protagonist of the turpidume and the most vulgar human perversion. But we will show that it is not an isolated case: in our “Black book”, while operating a natural and casual selection of remarkable material collected, was impossible to reduce everything to less than 360 pages. So to make sure that this never happens IT IS NECESSARY TO PROHIBIT IMMEDIATELY FACEBOOK TO MINORS.

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